SINCE - 2007

Local & Sustainable Shellfish

Our philosophy is simple: we farm and produce quality shellfish in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner. We endeavour to provide unequalled service to the food service industry at all times.



From the pristine, glacier-fed waters off Read Island, shellfish from Sawmill Bay are fresh, flavoursome and exquisitely enjoyable.

Our shellfish come to you direct from our two family-run farms, delivered locally within 24 hours of harvesting.

We produce oysters, clams, mussels and scallops… all direct to your kitchen from some of the most pristine waters in British Columbia. No holding tanks to take the flavour out of our shellfish!

Canadian Owned

Superior Quality

We are based in arguably one of the world’s best locations for farming shellfish.

The pristine, glacier fed waters have a huge impact on the quality of our shellfish, which are processed in a Canadian Federally Inspected Facility.

Our farms are remote from human habitation, ensuring a clean, pollution free environment for our products to grow in.



All Sawmill Bay shellfish is farmed in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.

We use a home made lifting gantry to lift stacks of trays out of the water for sorting – an environmentally friendly device, hand operated with a rope pulley.


We are pleased to have approval for all our products from the Vancouver-based Ocean Wise Conservation Programme

Our products are approved by the Ocean Wise Programme – further demonstrating our commitment to sustainable farming. We are also approved suppliers for the Pacific Kiss Programme.